Our Board

Grant Boyd

格兰德博德 - 主席

Grant is the Chief Executive Officer of Bethany Community Support Inc – a group based in Geelong, Victoria incorporating Bethany Kindergarten Services Ltd. Grant has worked in the education, disability, health and community sectors as a practitioner, consultant and in leadership roles for government, not-for-profit and private sector organisations. He holds qualifications in Education, Special Education and Child and Adolescent Psychology and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He has in interest in governance, service system development and service provision for families and children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Sue West – Vice President

Elected to the ELAA Board in October 2015, Sue is an Associate Director of the Centre for Community Child Health and a Group Leader of Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.苏为国家工作方案,包括有关幼儿政策的倡议,研究实践的研究,劳动力发展,服务改进和评估。她的小组包括与育儿研究中心合作的奖励筹集儿童网络。

Krishnan Rangaswamy - 财务主管

Krishnan Rangaswamy is a risk management professional with over 25 years of experience. Currently the Executive Director Transformation at the ANZ Banking Corporation, Krishan is passionate about sharing his extensive financial experience with not-for-profit organisations. Krishnan has been an expert member on the ELAA Finance Committee for the past two years, assisting with the review of the financial systems and investments, and developing the investment policy.

罗斯凯西 - 秘书

ROS是Alicorn Associates的主要顾问,是慈善事业,赞助和行业和社区参与的专家。十年来,她领导维多利亚大学的进步办公室负责大学慈善,赞助和校友关系方案。在加入VU之前,她是总理社区商业伙伴关系的顾问。她还为全国联合会,工程师澳大利亚和澳大利亚战争纪念馆致力于全国委员会。ROS已经参与了非营利性组织,包括母乳母,中国澳大利亚历史博物馆和歌室。她目前是AFL Cape York House Foundation的董事会成员。

Stacey Fox

Stacey is the Manager of Strategy and Translation at Our Place, an organisation that supports place-based initiatives in Victorian schools. She has worked in research and policy across child, youth and family sectors for a number of years and has authored significant reports on early childhood policy, family engagement in learning, prevention and early intervention, and systems design. Most recently, she co-authored, with Myra Geddes, Two Years are Better than One, a substantial policy paper on the need for an additional year of preschool for Australian children. Stacey is also an Adjunct Fellow at the Mitchell Institute at Victoria University.

Ian Sanders

Ian is a senior executive from the finance sector with extensive experience in managing customer businesses. His responsibilities have included end-to-end businesses performance, development of strategy for specialisation in finance as well as Board and Committee Chairmanship in Aged Care. Ian is passionate about building customer focused businesses and helping others to realise their potential.他有一个b.sc.(荣誉)从伦敦大学,来自Qut的MBA,毕业于澳大利亚公司董事学院。伊恩还担任董事会,维多利亚和塔斯马尼亚州的董事会成员。

Tracey McKay

Commencing her IT career in the corporate sector, Tracey changed career paths after starting a family and now has over 15 years experience in Early Years Management in the not-for-profit and local government sectors. Tracey joined bestchance in June 2016 as General Manager – Early Years Service. Her formal qualifications include Bachelor of Computing (Information Systems), Diploma of Management and Certificate IV Business (Governance).

Aileen Ashford

Aileen is the CEO of Kids First an independent not for profit child and family services provider and early years education specialist providing a range of services across Northern Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire. Prior to leading Kids First, Aileen was the Children’s Commissioner in Tasmania and a Board member of the Tasmanian Early Years Foundation which was instrumental in the policy and design of the innovative Statewide Early Years Child and Family Centre’s. Aileen has a strong commitment to social justice and ensuring children thrive, no matter their starting point in life, these are the threads that bind the fabric of her more than 30-year career across government and the not for profit health and community services sector. With a background in education and social work, she brings a strong record and skills in good governance, research and evaluation, policy and service development, and collaborative partnerships to enhance the lives of children and families.

Georgie Chapman


Samantha Kolasa

萨曼莎是Glen Eira幼儿园协会(Geka)的首席执行官 - 墨尔本大都会的早期管理组织。萨曼莎作为心理学家培训,在营业局,在政府,儿童和家庭服务,老年人护理,残疾和幼儿早期迁入高级管理层之前,在非营利部门的边缘化,脆弱和弱势儿童工作。Samantha完成了她的商业管理大师(MBA),重点是人力资源管理,是澳大利亚公司董事学院的毕业生。这是萨曼莎的第三董事会立场,反映了她对社区的承诺和为那些需要它的人提供服务。

Elaa首席执行官 -  David Worland

David Worland – Chief Executive Officer