Joining ELAA is like having a whole other team of early childhood education and care experts just a phone call or mouse click away. We’re here for early childhood providers who want to nurture their staff and jump in ‘boots and all’ to do their best for every child in their care … every single day, no matter what.



When you join ELAA it’s like instantly gaining an IR and HR team for your service. ELAA Full and Subscriber members can contact our Member Solutions team for personalised advice and support on the governance of your service, payroll, management responsibilities, industrial relations, human resource management, Occupational Health and Safety, Road Safety Education policy and advice, Professional Development and much more. Your query is usually handled by one ELAA team member so you’ll get consistency and follow up when needed and peace of mind knowing that the advice you receive is backed by the collective Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) sector expertise in the ELAA team.



Don’t lose your voice! Be part of ELAA’s collective voice that advocates to all levels of government on issues that matter to the Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) sector.

ELAA has been instrumental in getting the Victorian Government to provide fee relief to funded and unfunded kindergarten programs during COVID-19. We’ve also been successful in advocating for other support like extra funding to help towards increased cleaning requirements.

We speak directly to the Australian Government with the message that child care service providers need ongoing, scalable support during the pandemic. This is in addition to our long running advocacy for fairness and equity when it comes to children from vulnerable families accessing early childhood education and care; seeking a long-term commitment from the Australian Government on funding universal access to a weekly minimum of 15 hours of teacher lead early learning for three and four-year-olds; annual Victorian and Federal budget submissions to support our sector; and targeted campaigns on matters like ensuring financial sustainability for EYMs in Victoria.

ELAA can also represent your service in sector industrial relations negotiations and we’re currently representing some 400 services during the renegotiation of the Victorian Early Childhood Teachers and Educators Agreement.



Service Management Resources

Has COVID-19 tripled the time you put into your service’s governance? Make sure you get all the help you can with our suite of COVID-19 fact sheets. ELAA members get free access to a range of up-to-date, practical information sheets, checklists, and templates purpose-built to give you a helping hand during COVID-19. Resources cover OH&S, financial support, governance, and staffing during COVID 19. There’s also free access to webinars on highly relevant topics like managing employees during a time of crisis.




‘Collaboration’ is the key word when it comes to the way ELAA does things. We work with members, other early years sector peak bodies, and governments to strive for excellence and equity in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC). Our reference groups give members the opportunity to actively participate in setting the policy agenda for ECEC in Australia.



  • 首席执行官集团 - 以英联邦和州政府认可为中国ecec政策和实践中的一种有影响力的声音。
  • 早年管理参考组 - 通知实施EYM框架,与维多利亚教育和培训部门进行,并为业务讨论提供有效和协商论坛。
  • 早年管理农村小组 - 为农村和远程服务开发信息,咨询和工具,并分享实践知识和专业知识。



Consultancy Services


Contact us atmembersolutions@www.sanjoseskate.com了解更多。


Preferred Partners

Don’t miss out on great perks with ELAA partners like a 10% saving on implementation fees fromEnrolNow并折扣他们最新的数字登录退出模块。作为一个Elaa会员,您还将获得资格Bunnings ‘Powerpass’ cardand receive up to 30% on over 4000 specially selected items, such as playground equipment, child safety, arts & crafts, security systems, gardening and more. The collective buying power of ELAA Members allows us to reward you with bigger discounts.

我们首选的招聘合作伙伴,Mcarthur.,是骄傲的赞助商Mcarthur工新利18国际作委员会where members can advertise for quality staff free of charge on a web page that earns 150,000 views annually. McArthur also help services celebrate a volunteer that makes a real difference to the Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) community through the McArthur Early Childhood Volunteer of the Year Award.


我们最新的合作伙伴,Rentokil Initial,是卫生解决方案的全球领导者。ELAA members have access to a free hygiene audit, providing an assessment of indoor air quality and ventilation, as well as expert advice on the most effective solutions to protect against health risks, including COVID-19.点击这里要下载更多信息或安排免费的卫生审计,并为您的业务找到正确的空气净化器,请致电1300 923 597或填写在线表格HERE

我们的其他合作伙伴包括银行第一andHESTA提供我们的成员优秀的财务和退休服务,并慷慨地支持Elaa成员服务,如我们的专业学习计划ITHEA提供高质量的全国认可的职业education courses, including the Certificate III and Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care.

ELAA also gives members opportunities to access great deals through other (non-Preferred Partner) providers such asLivcorwho offer a fantastic deal on ahigh quality defibrillator kitthat could save the life of a child or adult at your early years service.



招聘工作人员可能是耗时和昂贵的业务。我们的职位委员会荣幸赞助我们首选的招聘合作伙伴,我们的职位委员会为Elaa成员提供免费招聘广告,以“转到”幼儿教育和护理部门的就业网站之一。新利18国际McArthur Job 新利18国际Board页面是Elaa网站上访问的页面上最受欢迎的页面,每年大约150,000次观看,Elaa还将每周职位理事会更新直接发送到2000多个联系人的订户列表。



Professional Development

In addition to our current online offerings on service governance, Road Safety Education, and OHS we will soon be delivering an entirely new program of high quality online professional development known as Learning Brought to Life. The program will target early years educators, Committees of Management, managers and leaders in EYMs, and ELAA members will receive generous discounts on all fee-for-service training.



除了ELAA自由不可或缺的成员exclusive member e-updates that include more detailed and targeted advice on vital topics such as industrial relations updates, wage decisions, COVID-19 management resources, the portable long service leave scheme, advocacy to governments on a range of issues, special offers for ELAA members from our partners and much more.